How to preserve garlic


  It is very annoying to store garlic that you can't eat at home for a while, but it is very easy to sprout. The solution is very simple. Just put the garlic in a plastic bag and seal the bag tightly. This will keep the carbon dioxide gas released from the garlic inside the bag from emitting, which relatively reduces the oxygen inside the bag and also blocks the entry of water, thus keeping the garlic in a dormant state.
  Garlic ready for storage should be harvested at the right time on a sunny day when the leaves start to turn yellow. When harvesting, first loosen the soil under the garlic so that the plant can be easily pulled out of the soil. After harvesting, pile the garlic into a heap and cover the garlic head with garlic leaves for 2-3 days in the sun. When the garlic straw starts to wilt, trim the root cloves and cut off the leaf stems, then put the garlic head into the basket. Expose the garlic to the sun or dry it manually. Artificial drying with a temperature of 30℃ and about 50% relative humidity of air is appropriate, which helps accelerate garlic drying, promote dormancy and prolong storage period.
  1. Low temperature storage: Garlic should be dried before storage, if it is not dried, it will rot due to high humidity. Garlic should generally be stored in a vegetable cellar or house with temperature 0.6--0℃, air relative humidity 65%--70%, ventilation, dryness and no smoke and fire. This method can be stored for 6 - 7 months.
  2. High temperature storage: After garlic goes through a low temperature dormant stage, it will germinate rapidly at 5 - 18℃. Garlic can be kept fresh for more than one year if it is stored in a high temperature environment at 30--34℃ all the time after harvesting. In addition, the respiratory metabolism of garlic can also be inhibited and germination delayed at a relative humidity of 40% - 50%. Low oxygen and high carbon dioxide can also inhibit the respiration and germination of garlic.
  It is advisable to adopt high temperature storage for retained garlic, with a temperature of about 15°C and a relative humidity of no more than 70%, which is conducive to improving seediness. If the temperature can be ensured to be stable at -1--3℃ in winter, it can be changed to high temperature treatment of 18-20℃ about 40 days before sowing, which can also receive the same effect of preservation.
  3. Hanging storage: When harvesting, pull up the garlic plant by the roots, remove the garlic heads that are too big, too small, rotten or mechanically damaged and damp from rain, then cut off the root whiskers and part of the stem discs along the bulb chassis with a knife, leaving only 10 - 15cm pseudostems, and pay attention to cutting flat stem discs. After exposure to the sun or manual drying, string up the garlic pseudostems with galvanized wire and hang them under the eaves of the front and back of the house, or first tie the garlic into a handful for every 8--10, then hang them in rows on the wire or nylon rope under the eaves to dry naturally. In summer and autumn, it can be hung in temporary pergola, cool room or ventilated storage; in winter, it can be moved into ventilated storage to avoid moisture and freezing.
  4.Hulling burying: first lay a layer of hulling bran about 2cm thick at the bottom of the box, basket or burying pit, then a layer of garlic (2 - 3 garlic heads high) a layer of hulling bran, layer by layer pile up to about 5cm from the mouth of the container, cover with hulling bran so that the garlic is not exposed to the air.
  5. Chemical storage: Within 7 days before garlic harvest, spray with 0.1% - 0.15% concentration of aqueous solution of cyanophyll (MH). The solution must be sprayed evenly, and the upper and lower leaves must be covered with mist beads. If it rains within 24 hours after spraying, it must be sprayed again after the sky is clear. Generally, after spraying, it can be stored until the new garlic is marketed. Garlic can be hung or stacked in a cool and ventilated place. The garlic can not be sprayed with green freshness.
  6. Film preservation: Melt paraffin wax into paraffin liquid first, then dip the sun-dried garlic in the paraffin liquid for a while. The temperature of the paraffin liquid should not be too high and the time of dipping should not be too long, as long as the dipping is even and thorough. This method can store the garlic until May of the following year.

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