Guozhiyuan Vegetable

About us

Located in Shandong Lanling County Economic and Development Zone, Linyi Guozhiyuan Vegetable and Food Co., Ltd. was established in January, 2011 with a total investment of 30 million Yuan and a registered capital of 8 million Yuan. The company covers an area of 13000 square meters, of which the constructed area is 10000 square meters. Linyi Guozhiyuan Vegetable and Food Co., Ltd. has four constant temperature warehouses with annual storage capacity of 4000 tons.
Company Profile
2011 +

Founded in

3000 +

Total investments

18000 +

Annual capacity

3000 +

Floor space

Product Center

The company is engaged in the processing of export fresh garlic and fresh garlic rice

Garlic Gourmet

Sweet and Sour Garlic

Remove part of the stalk of white garlic (processed) properly, then peel off two layers of skin, soak it in water for 7 days, change water once a day, then take it out to dry until the skin shows wrinkles fashioned in the altar.

Garlic Bread

First, the garlic sauce. The ingredients are ready. The cream should be at room temperature for a day.

Scrambled eggs with garlic

Break the eggs in a bowl, chop the green garlic and mince the garlic.