Garlic processing technology


  1、Garlic flakes and garlic powder
  Select fully matured, full of cloves, spicy and fragrant, fat head of garlic. After picking, peel off the roots, cut off the stem disc, soak for 1-2 days, scrub to remove the skin, wash and dry to cut into thin slices, steam scalding and bleaching for 5 minutes. Use far-infrared drying device, loading capacity of 5-6 kg per square meter, temperature 65 ℃ -75 ℃, 6-7 hours, when the moisture content of dry products reached 5%-8%, then packaged for storage. The finished product rate is 15%-20%. The production of garlic powder only needs to add a process of grinding and sieving to the processing of garlic flakes, and then the finished product is obtained.
  After the garlic is harvested, the roots are peeled off and the outer skin is dried. Add 4 kg of salt in 50 kg of water, boil and cool, and add 50 g of pepper, 1 kg of red pepper, 1.5 kg of ginger and 1.5 kg of wine to make fontanel juice. Then put the whole garlic into a jar or bubble jar, pour in the fontanelle juice, and seal it with a bowl of cold boiling water and cover. Generally fermentation at room temperature for 10 days is ready.
  3、Sweet and sour garlic shoots
  Remove the tassel cap from the garlic shoots, wash them with water and cut them into small sections of 3 cm long. Add water and salt to the tank, pour the tank twice a day, fish out after four or five days, put it on the mat and knead it lightly; put it in the tank and add fontanel juice to marinate. The formula of fontanelle juice: sugar, vinegar, water mixed boiling, cooling into the tank, 10 days to pour the tank once, 30 days is ready.
  4、Sweet and sour garlic with five spices
  Garlic 50 kg, salt 2 kg, brown (white) sugar 10 kg, soy sauce 0.5 kg, garlic processing as above. Garlic washed and dried, a layer of garlic sprinkled with a layer of salt, pickled for 24 hours, re-enter the tank, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, five spice powder with cool boiling water to prepare fontanel juice, pickled again. Oil paper or film seal tightly. Turn the tank twice a day, open the tank every other day to disperse 4-5 hours, after half a month to 3 days to disperse once, 1 month is finished.

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