Summary: Uniform size fresh garlic large head garlic fruit type uniform size juicy flavor garlic flesh white tender garlic cloves large, juicy garlic flavor strong

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Garlic ready for storage should be harvested at the right time on a sunny day when the leaves start to turn yellow. When harvesting, loosen the soil under the garlic so that the plant can be easily pulled out of the soil. After harvesting, pile the garlic into a heap and cover the garlic head with garlic leaves for 2-3 days in the sun. When the garlic straw starts to wilt, trim the root cloves and cut off the leaf stems, then put the garlic head into the basket. Expose the garlic to the sun or dry it manually. Artificial drying with a temperature of 30℃ and about 50% relative humidity of air is appropriate, which helps accelerate garlic drying, promote dormancy and prolong storage period.



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